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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 20, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> well, it shouldn't happen. there are background checks now. >> you hope they do a good enough job, but you're not always sure that they will. >> reporter: sharks ice management told meed to they are reviewing their processes, screening processes. i was not able to track down charlie jones for a comment, but he has been banned from coaching youth hockey in california. brian webb, kpix5. >> it turns out jones did not have to register because of the reduce crime. his name is no longer in michigan's sex offender registry since he moved out of state. >> crab tee, broken up. picked off. the game is over. it's the play 9er fans keep replaying in our heads. the team season coming to a screeching halt. despite a strong start, the team came up short in the nfc title game against the seahawks. then, the players were back at
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head quarters today saying good- bye. len ramirez was there. len, not pretty. >> reporter: not pretty. it wasn't a very happy day. the 94ers for this team anything -- 49ers, it was randy page big dispintment. but the fans did -- disappointment. the fans, today they were here to cheer the team up. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> 49ers fans put on a happy face for the players returning to team head quarters for the last time this season, but many were still crying inside. >> i still have tears running down my face. >> for the second time the 49ers' season came to and. capper pick had an interception that -- kaepernick had an interception. he didn't talk to the media.
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others gave voice to their frustrations. >> i feel crappy. >> i don't think we can keep getting to this spot and keep losing, you know. it's just not fun. it's not good. it sucks. >> defeated and battered, left mike hobbled on crutches after suffering a broken left ankle. and bowman tore his left knee. they called out seahawks fans who pelted bowman with scuttles while he was being carted off the field. >> him being a great player that he is. they should have more respect for the player and for the game. >> for the players, it was a day for cleaning out lockers. saying good-bye to teammates, some of whom won't be back and reflecting on a season of ups and downs. >> a lot of people didn't expect us to get to this game with the adversity we faced. we grew as a team. we got better in area.
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we'll be stronger next year. >> reporter: when next year does come around, the team will have a new place to play. the stadium here is almost finished. allen, it will be ready for the team when they start the next season. ready for the fans to fill up those stadium seats and hopefully a better season for the 49ers. >> disappointing note to get to the superbowl, but they did have a great season overall. >> reporter: they have had a couple great seasons. three great seasons. they haven't made it all the way. for players to get to that level and not cross that threshold is very frustrating to them because it is so lard to come back to that level and play and get to another superbowl. but let's see what happens. >> all right, len, thanks. if you turned the tv off, you might have missed it. seattle's richard sherman went off on receiver michael crabtree during the post game interview and has a lot of people bug. >> final play, take me through -- buzzing. >> we are on the final play.
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>> we are learning today the trash talk has apparently been going own awhile. sherman an crabtree have been at odds since last summer when crabtree allegedly tried to start a fight at a charity event. >> it is great fuel for motivation. it will get you somewhere. it raises intensity. the problem is if you become dependent on it, then you have to constantly find negative resources in your life to fuel that type of motivation. >> a few 9er players today offered a little advice to sherman. tight end vernon davis said sometimes you need to shut your mouth and bible. onee were you one of -- be humble. were you one of the viewers. the league says the patriots broncos afc game drew about 51 million viewers.
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the 49er seahawkses had nearly 56 million. new details on a double murder in east oakland. one of the men shot at 100th and long fellow was the brother of a teen killed on new year's eve. our ryan takeo on the mother who never imagined she would live to bury not one but two sons. >> no more tears. both my boys. >> danielle new is dealing with the unimaginable, again. she's burying her second son in three weeks. >> the toughest part was having to call and prepare funeral arrangements for a child. owe. that's the toughest part -- child. yes. that's the toughest day. >> new year's day her son was murdered. hours earlier he was at the boyce and girls the club. then, yesterday someone shot and killed his older that's right >> i am still numb able lee. i don't know if my heart has enough room to handle lamar's
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death. this is like a dream. this is like wow, deja vu. how can this happen to me again? they are still here. they are still here. you have to plan another funeral, but they are still here. >> 19-year-old lamar had to identify his brother's body at the morgue. now, someone has to id him. >> i don't evening have the courage to go identify my bay bit. somebody else has to -- baby. >> a mother left with nothing but memories of her only two children and the support of her family she now needs more than ever. >> i have my family who hasn't left. >> in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix5. >> an oakland police lieutenant told us yesterday's shooting involved a gang-related feud. they would not say if it was a possible connection to the new year's eve shooting of lamar's brother lee. national seashore this afternoon, witnesses say a man
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went into the water to retrieve his cooler that was swept out by a wave. we have photos taken from the rescue. a helicopter was called in to help with the search. rescuers were lowered into the water. delay found the fisherman isobody difficult his name snot being released. police in oakland are looking for someone who put out posters. they aringlied to lamp posts over the weekend. they appear to be from someone who is opposed to oakland's plan to build a surveillance center to monitor street cameras. bay area renters say their landlords are pushing them out to cash nonb and b. the loophole that say howing evictions. a martin luther king day tradition runs into trouble. how supporters are rallying to keep the freedom train on
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track. another january day with near record high temperatures. menlo park 74 degrees. 72 in pleasant own. 68 in fairfield. when will the madness end? will it end? forecast, coming up. >> it was over so quick. here from the skier who actually triggers this avalanche that captured the terrifying ride on his helmet cam
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in san francisco. some landlords have discoved they can get more from tour than tenants. consumerwatch reporter julie watts has our story. < >> this isn't my particular unit. chris butler can't forget his old apartment. all he has to do is look own air b and b, the site that allows you don't out your home. back in 2012 he was evicted from his 18 p hundred dollars month one bedroom in this
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building in san francisco's rush hill. the reason, one of just a few that justify legal eviction in renter-friendly san francisco. >> the landlord served me with an owner move-know eviction. >> but instead of moving in himself, butler contends the landlord moved his daughter in from another unit in the building so he could rent out her old apartment on air b and b. >> i was under rent control based on an opportunity to make more money through a different channel. >> butler points to these two units on air b and b which he sayest they are in the building and currently going for 125 and 145 a night. by comparison, butler's rent worked out to about $53 a night. >> it is a very big problem. >> tenant rights attorney is representing butler in a lawsuit against his former landlord. he says landlords all over the city are doing the math. >> the vacation market is super lucrative in san francisco. landlords are recognizing it. >> he claims that is not the only way air b and b is
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indirectly taking long-term rental units off the market. >> we see tenants rent units just to rent them out on air b and b. >> air b and b contends stories like these are anomalies, but that's no consolation for san francisco renters dealing with skyrocketing rents and too few rentals. >> my situation wouldn't have occurred if air b and b didn't exist. >> reporter: now, the building's owner's lawyer contends that he is in compliance with all local and state laws. air b and b points us to a study that short term rentals do note realistically impact long term rent or apartment availability but critics say there is age pact in markets like san francisco and new york where there is not a lot of housing. if you have a consumer problem, give us a call. 888-5-helps you. >> air b and b hasn't band that long to really study the long term effects of that stuff.
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>> reporter: right. >> julie, thank you. forget the drones. how about a package that is ready to ship before you'vening know you want it -- even know you want it. how amazon predicts what you will buy. a snoozing spacecraft gets a wake up call. the first ever mission to catch a comet. now the chase is on. ,,,,,,,,,,
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area today to mark the life legacy of doctor martin lutr king jr. but as mark kelly reports..this year brought w celebrations around the bay area today to mark the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. but as mark kelly reports, this year brought a new challenge for the freedom train. >> for nearly three decades on mlk day, a celebration of civil rights, passengers climb on board for a journey into the past. >> it means the world to come here. >> if there wasn't him, there would be no peace. >> freedom strain a 54-mile journey from san jose to san francisco. the same miles dr. king marched from sell ma to montgomery, alabama. the dr. martin luther king jr. association of santa clara valley charters the freedom train. >> as a country, we have come far. we elected a plaque president. but we still haven't gotten past our fears. >> organizers say the train
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idea came from coretta scott king herself. but in recent years the freedom train has hit some bumps. at full capacity as many as 1600 passengers can fit on board. but last year, only 1200 tickets sold. at last p count, sunday night, just 800 tickets went. >> we need to raise at least $7,000 to keep it going. >> monday morning, a last minute push to get more passengers on board, but if the free dome train falls short, the warm welcome into san francisco could be one of the last for the freedom train. >> thank you all for your support, the media and the community. we overcame at least for this year. >> at least we got an opportunity to ride. >> just to clear up some confusion, the free tom train will be running next year, but as far as after that, its fate has not yet been determined. organizers are planning to sit down tomorrow morning and tally up all the fund raising
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numbers. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. ? washington, d.c. today leaders laid a reef at the mlk jr. monument at the national mall. 700 people attended the event. last year, .2 million people visited the memorial for the 50th anniversary of king's march. president obama celebrated helping the needy with his two daughters. they hosed the 25th year of combating hunger. the paint his daughters served lamb, beef and vegetables. more fall out from superstorm sandy. lieutenant governor denies with holding money. lite governor was responding to a claim made by the mayor. mayor said the mayor failed to support a new development project. >> lieutenant governor pulled me aside and said you have to
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move forward with the rockefeller project. it is really important to the governor. >> the suggestion that anyone would hold back sandy relief funds for any reason is not good. >> they met with the u.s. attorney general's office and offer toad take a lie detech the tour test. the united states and the european union have lifted some economic sanctions against iran. inspectors confirm iran has unplugged centra finals. they now have six months to negotiate a final agreement to insure that iran cannot build a nuclear bomb. the deal would allow iran to continue at low levels to fuel an electricity generator. u.s. officials concerned over security at the up coming winter olympics in russia.
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they are particularly worried about the plaque widow. officials think she may be helping islamic extremist groups who vowed to attack olympic games. >> i think they think this is a political embarrassing situation for them. that is really the wrong attitude when talking about an international event. >> russian president has assigned nearly 40,000 police and military personnel to the olympic site. russia has spent about $50 billion on security. a skier triggers an avalanche and captures it all on a go pro camera. even more incurred establish he lived to tell about it -- incredibly, he lived to tell about it. >> holy. >> despite reports of dangerous avalanche conditions, the skier and a friend decided to take their chances in a colorado bat country. watch as the snow splits beneath him opening up into a
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full blown slide. >> then i thought fracture and i just went a straight line over the cliff. there were understand the of people out there having a good time. they didn't have any beacons or avalanche gear. the sprinklers may soon be shut off at baseball fields in sacramento because of a newly enacted water regulation. the lack of rain and sprinkler water could lead to hundreds of thousands of disease in losses at these new fields at the region -- dollars in losses at these new fields. >> balls taking bad hops. makes it a lot tougher. >> it was b. it was green. trying to figure out what we needed to cut it and all that. but now, that isn't as big an issue. >> the city just completed more than a million dollars in upgrades which includes 15- acres of new grass.
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>> it will be back to sand lot before we know it. >> yep. a new reality. infield may look like the out field or vice versa coming up soon. no change. >> reporter: we want a change. we're asking for a change. mother nature says not yet. it will come. we're not going to go the entire winter without rainfall, but it certainly feels like it. beautiful shot of the sunset from the pyramid looking back toward the golden gate and the beautiful city of san francisco. cloud cover offshore, but that's where it stays with the intention of the monterrey peninsula. now looking back toward the city and the east bay. 65, a very popular temperature. not the high. it was warmer than. this these are your current temperatures. concord, santa rosa all 65. san francisco down to 62. san jose, out of the past five days, the chilliest afternoon you have had was 9 degrees above average. the warmest day was last thursday at 73. we have been close to 70 the
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past couple days and will continue to for the next several days. if you live away from the water it will be chilly. north bay, you will be the close to freezing. napa 34. oakland tomorrow morning 44 as the kids head back to school for their shortened school week. look at this ridge of 47. it is not only block storm systems from getting here. it is saying no, go the other direction. storms are hitting this wall in the atmosphere and migrating back west heading up toward alaska. simply put, we need it to move, the high pressure to get rainfall any time soon. 7 to 10 days for this ridge hanging out to our west. we will see windier conditions toward the end of the week. the high may begoing to move by the top of next month. but it is january 20th and we have a lot of real estate by then. between now and then, it will be zero rainfall anywhere in the bay area. near record high.
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couple records today in oakland and san francisco. when the winds pick up in higher elevations on thursday, the fire danger will also go up. san jose, another day of 69. livermore 70. redwood city 69. freemont, your high is 67 tomorrow. pleasant hill, san ramon, pittsburgh, 69. 67 in san francisco. oakland, 61. another record high for you. sonoma 70. lakeport, 69 degrees. here is your extended forecast. hanging out close to 70 on wednesday. thursday and friday, when the winds increase, the fire danger goes up. next weekend, still dry. and we are looking at more sunshine for the beginning of next week. back east, a foot of snow. minnesota minnesota, windshield 40 below. it is so hard to complain about a forecast like that. is there such thing as too much of a good thing? we're beginning to say yes. >> paul, thank you. after snoozing since 2011, teachers comet chasing probe
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woke up today. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> they were really excited about that. its message, hello world. it was met by cheers in the control roomiest european space agency. they should be excited. the probe launched a decade ago. it hash in a long hibernation period to save power. it is now ready for its unprecedented mission to orbit a comet and then send a lander to its surface. scientist belief it will provide vital clues of how our solar system came to be. police officers usually try to catch criminals, but it is a different kind of catch getting national a the why this officer is being hailed as a hero for his small gesture.
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product to a shipping house close to you. amazon has filed for a patent for the new shipping system. the dash cam video, not the one you are used to seeing, but one officer's act of kindness has gone viral melting hearts around the world. on saturday, police sergeant was on patrol driving through an apartment complex parking lot. saw a young guy there playing with a football all alone. instead of continuing on, he stopped. >> literally got out the car. i did like this which i think is the universal sign of throw me the football, and at that time you saw that his face just lit up and he was ready to play. >> pd posted it on its facebook page. hours later, it had a quarter million likes. now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. u.s. military has drawn up emergency plans in case terrorist try to strike the games.
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we will have detailest on the latest threat and speak with former deputy cia director tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,, good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear.
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scenes, bart paid dearly. t costly tol new at 6:00, bay area commuters felt the brunt of the strike, but behind the scenes, b.a.r.t paid dearly. the cost of the toll on the transit agency. how much was spent just on sandwiches. how the dry spell is threatening the wine industry, and the one benefit of the lack of rain. those stories and much more at 6:00. >> thanks for watching us at
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5:00, though. cbs news is next. >> that's right. the latest news and weather always on see you at 6:00. the russians are hunting for a terrorist known as a who may try to sabotage the sochi games. mark phillips reports on the threat. here it comes again! a new round of snow and frigid weather. meteorologist eric fisher tells us how bad it's going to get. ambassador caroline kennedy blasts dolphin hunting in japan, calling it inhumane. seth doane on the growing controversy. >> one, two, three, four! >> dubois: and michelle miller introduces us to a music teacher who was nominated for a grammy for helping troubled kids find their voice. >> you never give up? >> no, never, never, never. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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